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ryan patterson ryan.goat at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 22:36:11 UTC 2007

I asked the provider  if channels were encrypted.  They said only premiums
like HBO, showtime, & skinamax would be.  I have only experimented with a
couple of channels on mythtv.  I haven't yet built a complete list of the
multicast addresses for all the channels.  But I think I will be able to
directly record everything except the premium channels.

Of course your millage may vary.  A different provider could encrypt
everything to force you into renting their STB.  Like most cable providers
encrypt 99% of digital cable channels so that you can't use your own QAM
tuner to watch.  Though I was able to get unencrypted pay-per-view
advertisements on mine.

On 1/3/07, Steven Adeff <adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 12/30/06, ryan patterson <ryan.goat at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I recently got fiberoptic cable to my home with telephone, internet and
> TV
> > though IPTV multicasting.  It is not Verizon it is a local city
> sponsored
> > company.  I want to use the "CRC IP Network Recorder" to tune in the
> > signals directly off the network instead of having to use an IR blaster
> to
> > control the cable box etc.
> >
> > I found some info that allowed me to set up the CRC IP Recorder tuner(s)
> for
> > the correct ip multicast address/port.  And now if I tune my cable box
> to a
> > channel I can then watch that channel on mythtv.  My cable box and my
> mythtv
> > box are not wired together.  I am definitely decoding the signal off the
> > network.  This is good, but I can't change channels and the data for the
> > program guide is not there.
> >
> > The CRC IP recorder option in mythtv is setup so I have to define one
> tuner
> > for each channel.  When I hit watch TV in mythtv it automatically
> switches
> > to the tuner with the highest priority.  If my cable box is not set to
> that
> > channel then mythtv cant get the multicast stream and it fails so I can
> only
> > get one channel.
> >
> > I don't understand how to set up the channel sources correctly.  Each
> tuner
> > only has one channel but the line up has all the channels listed.
> >
> > Has anybody gotten the CRC IP Recorder to work with IPTV service?  I
> think I
> > am getting really close but I must be missing something to bring it all
> > together.
> a little off topic...
> Are you able to record any channel or is there some level of DRM like
> with the firewire enabled cableboxen?
> Thanks!
> --
> Steve
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