[mythtv-users] Mytharchive - Time Date Mismatch Imported Database

scott at tbwifi.ca scott at tbwifi.ca
Wed Jan 3 22:16:46 UTC 2007

By reading the responses, I get the impression that I am not the only one
having issues regarding Mytharchive.  Perhaps people are having other
issues unrelated.  I would like to make the comment that I went through
the process of exporting my old database from the old Myth version prior
to upgrading and I was able to save my old work and I can watch my old
recordings.  One issue is that no cut point data is available without
re-transcoding.  Mytharchive appears to have major issues however.  Does
everyone agree that these database manipulation steps will get me to a
point where I can create a DVD archive?  This is the reason I've done the
upgrade to the new version as I've run out of drive space and I don't want
to lose my recordings.


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