[mythtv-users] Anyone got 848x480 TV Out Working On NVIDIA FX5200?

nospam312 nospam312 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 21:47:28 UTC 2007


Does anyone know if it is possible to get TV Out working on a NVIDIA
FX5200 graphics card at 848x480 resolution?

When I set my VGA Monitor and TV Out resolution to this setting via
xorg.conf my VGA Monitor is correct but my TV Out displays nothing.
If I change it back to a normal resolution like 800x600 both VGA
Monitor and TV Out works fine and both output MythTV.

Can anyone help on what I need to do to get this working at [this]
widescreen resolution in Linux and what I need to do with xorg.conf?

[To check the card when I use it in Windows 848x480 does display in TV
Out mode but the viewport is only 720(guess)x480 so there is
horizontal scrolling, VGA Monitor is 848x480 no scrolling.]


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