[mythtv-users] Don't You Hate it When ???

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Jan 3 17:54:37 UTC 2007

On 12/28/2006 09:02 PM, Chris Pinkham wrote:
> * On Thu Dec 28, 2006 at 06:37:10PM -0700, Brian Wood wrote:
>> One problem with Myth:
>> You're watching a program recorded a few hours ago, and the lower- 
>> third crawl is showing emergency routes out of the City (Denver) :-(
> This problem was solved years ago.  This is the exact reason that
> I added the "Manual Zoom" mode so you can zoom in just enough to
> get rid of those school closings, etc. messages when watching
> recordings.  I used it recently to zoom in to get rid of the
> annoying election results taking up 1/4 of some of my recordings.

Only problem still to solve is some way to detect--and inform the 
watcher--when the crawl goes away.  Often my local stations will put a 
crawl on bottom and "static" info on the left side, so I zoom in to the 
show area.  Then, I'll often find 20 minutes later that I've been 
watching the last 10 minutes of the show cut off because the info was 
only displayed for 10 minutes or so.


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