[mythtv-users] QT MySql error (it looks like qtmysql is installed)

Pat Lorton klorton at indiana.edu
Tue Jan 2 22:36:59 UTC 2007

Hi,  I think this was my problem as well.  I rebuilt qt-3 (I have both 
qt-3 and qt-4 installed), and it fixed the problem.  Very bizarre that I 
didn't have to do this on the amd64 machine, but I may have rebuilt qt-3 
on that machine after upgrading mysql since I was toying around with 
doing development using qt on that machine -- before I moved over to 
qt4.  Regardless, if anyone else has this problem you might want to try 
rebuilding qt3.

Thanks for the help everyone!

Robin Gilks wrote:
>> Hi, I run mythtv on a gentoo system.  I recently updated to the newest
>> version available on portage:
> I had the same symptoms when I tried to update mysql - a revdep-rebuild to
> rebuild QT fixed it for me (but I had other issues importing the old 4.0
> mysql dump into the 5.0 utf8 database).

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