[mythtv-users] Playing TV when frontend starts

Iván Pérez Domínguez ivanperezdominguez at gmail.com
Tue Jan 2 20:48:18 UTC 2007

This raises a new question: is the themes design (programming, I mean)
good enough? Could it be possible to modify these themes implementation
so that mainmenu.xml defines one unique action which is "LiveTV", and no
buttons at all? I don't know much about the implementation of MythTV,
but I think the xml files should be the proper place to put this
information (which is, in some way, part of the theme).

The easiest way (if the implementation is modified) could be having an
xml file that defines the first and (possibly) last action. The first
action would be, in most of the cases, MAIN_MENU (or something like
that), but it could be as well JUMP_LIVETV, etc.

Your solution is good enough for me at this time, but the first thing
I tried was to tweak the themes' files. That's why I think that's the
right place, where it should be done.



Tom Lichti wrote:
> Iván Pérez Domínguez wrote:
>> Hi!
>> 	I'd like the frontend to play TV right when started
>> instead of showing the main menu. Is there any way to do this?
> The only way I can think of is to have a script that starts 
> mythfrontend, then connects to the telnet interface and issues the 'jump 
> livetv' command. Wouldn't be hard to do, I do the opposite in my script 
> (before killing mythfrontend, make sure that it exits live tv).
> Tom
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