[mythtv-users] MythTV 0.19 Hauppage Remote problem

Dave Ruddle dave.ruddle at talktalk.net
Tue Jan 2 20:41:25 UTC 2007

I am using Ubuntu Dapper with MythTV 0.19.  I have a Hauppage Nova-T PCI
card, and everything works fine with the TV reception.  I installed LIRC so
I can use the remote, and followed the published user guide (part 2) to set
it up.  After a reboot, only the arrow and select buttons work, along with
the volume buttons and the 0-9 numerics.  Things like the Menu button do
nothing.  If i run iwc and press the menu button there is no output on the
Can anyone help ? 

Many thanks

Dave Ruddle

dave.ruddle at talktalk.net 

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