[mythtv-users] using myth-tv for gaming (external station)

ryan patterson ryan.goat at gmail.com
Tue Jan 2 19:09:34 UTC 2007

You can not use mythtv to do what you are trying to do.  Mythtv-backend must
record the signal to the harddrive before myth-frontend can display it.

But, there is a setting on your pvr-350 that places the card in "pass
though" mode.  It will connect the input connector to the output connector
on the card.  this will totally bypass mythtv.  But it will only work if you
use the pvr-350's tv-output.  And Mythtv wont know that the card is in use.
So you would have to make sure that no recordings are scheduled at the time
you use your playstation.  I think you can turn on the "pass though" mode
with the utilities that come with ivtv.  Good luck.

On 1/2/07, gasser <gasser at websource.ch> wrote:
> Hi everybody
> I'd like to use mythtv for gaming on my playstation. I have connected my
> station to the composite-in of my tv-capturing card (hauppauge pvr 350)
> and
> set the channel up using mythtv-setup.
> Now, i'm able to switch to the playstation in mythTV and i do see the pic
> and
> hear the sound.
> My only problem is, that the picture and sound are about 3s too late. I
> think
> it is because mythTV records everything to harddisk first and then gives
> the
> recorded picture to the screen.
> Is there any possibility, to turn the recording off just for the
> playstatrion-channel or just for the composite-in? Any other possibility
> to
> get rid of the lag (down to something < 0,5s would be enough for playing,
> i
> think).
> Any hint is appreciated. Thx.
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