[mythtv-users] LiveTV not working - again

Clay babyhuml at msn.com
Tue Jan 2 18:35:31 UTC 2007

Was anyone able to help Michel with this issue?  I am experiencing it too.

Background: I have been happily running .19 on FC4 for 7 months, with all
the bells and whistles running well.  Because I have a fear of commitment, I
am using a spare drive to build a .20/FC6 instance and avoid any mysterious
upgrade issues.  I have run into the error described below, and have
verified that I have one channel instance in my db, and have the appropriate
permissions on my directories.  
	This is a fresh build of .20 and FC6.  I can capture using mplay,
but when I try to record, or watch live TV from inside of MythTV, it gives
me a blank screen for 30-45 secs, then fails back to the mythtv menu. When I
debug front/backend, it appears to be writing blocks to an .nuv file and
ratcheting through the timer, but it always fails.



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Permissions and disk space are both fine: mythtv user can create and read
files in the location that I have defined for it.

I wonder why I had to do "myfilldatabase --manual" because a full channel
gave me all the data and a lot cleaner than what I got as double entries.
Actually, I tried LiveTV before I did a "myfilldatabase --manual" but with
channels in place.

Same thing happened: "thud", silence and black screen en the menu after a
couple of minutes ...

Doe anyone know what other data apart from the channel table is used for
LiveTV from the mythconverg database?



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