[mythtv-users] FSTAB, CIFS, FC6

Phil Foxton phil at thefoxtons.org.uk
Tue Jan 2 17:56:42 UTC 2007



Looks like directio as an option might help things, as you should not (on
average usage) be re-reading the same data twice in any session.



Phil Foxton RHCE

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> I'm going to be using a windows 2003 x64 server as my main storage 
> location for Myth. I'll be mapping a drive like this:
> //server/video /mnt/video cifs username=user,password=pass,
> workgroup=domain,umask=000 0 0
> I use this now for my programs, music, and video clip folders but 
> since the default recording folder will take most of the hit I was 
> wondering if there were any additional params that might improve 
> performance. Also I need this box to stay as a windows box as it 
> runs some other stuff for my network and its a beefy box with 
> 4GB/ram, dual gigabit nic's load balanced, Adaptec sata raid, and 
> dual opteron cpu's so I'm sure it can handle the work load. Thx in advance.
> Thank You
> Melvin Cureton
> melvincureton at melcrys.com
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