[mythtv-users] Subtitles?

Tony Sutton Tony at hypertony.co.uk
Tue Jan 2 17:42:20 UTC 2007

Update... I've added this cards:
2 x Thomson DVB-T - Conexant DVB-T CX22702-15 and Conexant Broadcast Decoder
and tested it - works well.
Live TV shows the subtitles very well - pretyped and time delayed. I'm
impressed. Works good than Microsoft's MCE!!
Now I need to find a good, powerful but portable aerial as the current one I
have sucks. Anyone recommend one? Perhaps from maplin or somewhere - needs
to pick up Freeview.
Thanks all.
- Tony Sutton
-  <http://www.fordst170.co.uk> http://www.fordst170.co.uk
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