[mythtv-users] Slow DVD iso play in MythVideo

Razza ray at brambletree.net
Tue Jan 2 09:56:38 UTC 2007

> >Hi,
> >Can someone please explain why some of my ripped DVD's take 
> an age to 
> >load/play others are really fast/immediate? and more 
> importantly how I 
> >can speed things up? :o) When I say slow, I mean really 
> really slow, it 
> >took 7 mins from pressing play to getting the initial manufacturers 
> >banner, then a further 9 mins until I got to the menu, a total of 16 
> >mins!?
> > 
> >My system is a separate backend/frontend system, the frontend is an 
> >EPIAM1000. I am using the internal player, the system is built using 
> >Jarods guide on FC5.
> I have a similar problem, though so far only with 1 DVD, and 
> not quite as bad as you. The ISO images are on an NFS mount, 
> and with this one DVD it takes several minutes to load, 
> showing constant network activity all the time. Other DVDs 
> start playing right away. I use xine for playback. 

Mine may be slower as I am using SAMBA shares as opposed to NFS, as I
want to make the media available to Windows machines. Also EPIA's are
generally slow at everything!

Like you I get an enormous amount of network activity whilst waiting,
interestingly -
*	Using the real DVD, xine plays fine and immediately.
*	Using the iso from a network share, xine refuses and says "The
source seems encrypted, and cant be read. Your DVD is probably crypted.
According to your country laws, you can or can't install/use libdvdcss
to be able to read this disc, which you bought. (Media stream
*	Using the iso from the HDD, xine refuses and says "The source
seems encrypted..........."
*	Using 'Cyberlink PowerDVD' on a Windows machine from a network
share, it plays fine and immediately.

For me the disk is question is part of 'Friends Series 3', I bought the
missus the first four series for xmas, so potentially 24 DVD (sides) :o(
Any suggestions?

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