[mythtv-users] Kurobox + WinTV-PVR-USB2 = working backend??

mark mckelvey memckelvey at comcast.net
Tue Jan 2 04:15:48 UTC 2007

> I know at least one person in the kuro forums has it running with
> gentoo, but I am currently running into issues with debian.

Thanks for the link.  I read through that thread, and everything else  
I could find on the kuro wiki.  Can you confirm a couple things for me?

It seems to me that:

-  Myth on Gentoo can be made to work with this setup, and russK on  
the kuro boards has done it.
-  Myth on Debian might work with this setup, and progress has been  
made, but it is not yet completely successful  (I'm wondering whether  
the Eric replaying to this thread is the same Eric replying to the  
linked Kuro Wiki thread).
-  Gentoo is probably the easier path, and I should probably pursue  
the U-boot path to make it work with 2.6 and USB-fu.
-  This should probably be handled entirely on the Kuro-wiki :)

Just want to skip any obvious mistakes before I make them.  Thanks  
for the info - MMcK

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