[mythtv-users] MythTV/Dish Network Setup

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Jan 1 19:17:35 UTC 2007

On Jan 1, 2007, at 9:48 AM, Rajiv Ranjan wrote:

> I use my MythTV box with Direct TV. I use S Video output from my  
> Dish Network Receiver D10 into the S Video input of my PVR 250 in  
> my myth box. I have another audio cable connecting my PVR audio  
> input to the audio output of D10 receiver.
> Make sure to use S Video option in the MythTV setup which is set to  
> Tuner by default.

I have no problems getting SD off my DISH receiver, using the S-Video  
connection as well.

The OP was asking about HD, which is a whole different matter. I  
still have to use my DISH receiver/DVR to get that.

Frankly there just isn't all that much HD content available, even on  
the satellite. I'm not a sports fan, and Hogan's Heroes is no funnier  
in HD than SD, and I can only take Letterman for so long :-)

I once found myself watching an HD program simply because it *was*  
HD, and that's ridiculous, so I don't do it anymore. It's like  
watching a color program in the 1960s simply because it *was* in  
color. Gilligan's Island did not get any better with the transition  
to color :-)

Gleason and Marx will continue to entertain despite the lack of  
chroma or resolution. Given a choice between content and technology I  
will always choose the former.

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