[mythtv-users] Brief guide to browsing the MythTV mythconverg SQL database using mysqlcc

Larry larry at foxgulch.com
Mon Jan 1 19:16:21 UTC 2007

I kept reading about a utility program  "mysqlcc" which  would allow a 
glimpse into the entries in  mythconverg which is MythTV's  mysql 
database.  Mysqlcc seems to work rather well and the "glimpse" certainly 
was intriquing.   Here's a brief guide.

***********Warning:  This can wipe out your entire MythTV installation 
*********  Proceed with great caution  *************
********** A prudent person will make a copy of the mythconverg database 
first ( see step 0) ****
********** then use that  copy for experimentation and education 

0.  Create a copy of your MythTV mythconverg MySQL database
  $ su -c "mkdir /var/lib/mysql/mythconvergcopy"
    $ su -c "cp  -pr  /var/lib/mysql/mythconverg/*  
    (Note: minus p preserves the ownership from original to copy.  All 
these files
    are owned by the user mysql and nothing works unless ownership is by 

1. Install "my sql control center"  (mysqlcc-0.9.8)
    $ wget 
    $ su -c "rpm -i mysqlcc*.rpm"
    (Note: my linux distribution is FedoraCore6.  This FC5 RPM works OK
        If you use another distribution, you'll have to find a copy
        of the package mysqlcc and install it. )

2. Invoke mysqlcc as super user with root privileges
    $ su -c "mysqlcc"

3. When the MySQLCC Console Manager starts ..Click File   Click  New   
.... then

4. Click on the Folder Icon opposite the Socket File data entry window ( 
found 3/4 down the form)

5.  Navigate to /var/lib/mysql/     click and select  mysql.sock  then 
click "Open"

6.  Fill in the blanks as shown below

    a:   Name = mythconvergcopy
    b:   HostName = localhost
    (Note: This assumes the database is on the same PC as your copy of 
    c:   UserName = root
    d:   Password = mysqroot  (Use YOUR  mysql root password here, not 
    (Note: This is the root password to the mythconverg database,  not 
your system root pw)

7.  Click Add   (Window Closes)

8.  Back on the MySQLCC  Console Manager window,   Click Action,   Click 

9.  Double click "Databases"

10.  Double Click "mythconvergcopy"

11.  Double Click  "Tables"

12.  Double Click "channel"   
         You should see a list of your TV channels one line of which 
looks like:
| chanid | channum | freqid | sourceid | callsign | name    |
|   1081 | 8-1     | 7      |        1 | KPAX-DT  | KPAX-DT |

Then you are on your own. I'm not sure this will fix any of my problems but
it certainly was an interesting and educational exercise.

Have fun,
a Linux yearling (One year + linux experience)

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