[mythtv-users] MythTV setup - surprisingly easier than I remember...

Toney tlists at indy.rr.com
Mon Jan 1 15:24:03 UTC 2007

Christopher Friend wrote:
> Ok this is basically just a congrats to everyone who's made MythTV a lot 
> simpler to set up than it used to be. At least, getting it working in 
> under an hour about a week ago is by far a much nicer experience than 
> the months and months it took me a year ago. That said, I had no idea 
> what I was doing a year ago, but I know at least channel scanning has 
> improved by miles.
> And one other thing I noticed, and I'm not entirely sure if it's meant 
> to do this or not, but are channel icons now automatically installed by 
> MythTV? I put a load of icons in ~/.mythtv/channels named obvious stuff 
> like bbc1.jpg and setanta_sports1.jpg and i swear i didn't touch a thing 
> but all the channel icon info has been filled in for me and they all 
> work perfectly. If I really didn't do this in my sleep, it's gotta be 
> the first program I've seen in linux to auto set up anything useful. 
> Wow. Anyway... enough love for you... get back to work, I want the thing 
> to auto install/setup itself this time next year ;o).
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Hear, hear.

I too have found MythTV rather easy to set up.  I had never tried until 
a week ago.  I was expecting several days of heavy lifting, but instead 
I had it compiled, installed, and _working_ in about three hours.

My initial rig had a Hauppauge 150 and a bt878 card.  Everything just 
worked.  Admittedly, I came to MythTV with lot of experience using 
video4linux and MySQL, but still ...

After finding out how simple the process was, I have started over with a 
plan for a more extensive and capable system.  Other than having to use 
svn to get saa713x cards to work, it has been smooth sailing so far.

MythTV pretty much rocks.


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