[mythtv-users] No Program Guide for OTA DT channels

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Mon Jan 1 07:50:25 UTC 2007

Larry wrote:
> My line up at zap2it.com shows I have included  channel 13-1  which 
> zap2it.com  names KECIDT.  I found out that KECIDT (through diligent 
> googling) that their  XMLTVID  35298 which is our local NBC affiliate.
> When I do a channel scan from  Mythtv-setup-> Channel Editor->Channel 
> Scanner,   KECI shows up as "KECI-1 (13-1)" Yes, that says  KECI dash One.
> So I select  KECI-1, and fill in the XMLTV magic number 35298.
> Then I do  "mythfilldatabase"  in a terminal  but Zap2it.com spits back:
> "2006-12-30 12:57:22.344 DataDirect: Not adding channel KECIDT (KECI-DT) 
> And when I "Watch TV",  Channel 13-1 is missing program guide info. 
> (Says Unknown)
> I've searched and googled and read until I'm exhausted.  Would some one 
> tell me what I'm doing wrong?  Thank you

You have to call the channel what zap2it wants to call it! Even though 
what zap2it calls it is NOT what the station calls itself!
If you go to Watch TV, tune the channel then push 'E' to edit, you can 
change the data to KECIDT in the top line, clear the other lines, then 
press 'P' to probem and I would bet that it will give you your XMLTVID.


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