[mythtv-users] mysql upgrade can't import mythconverg dump

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Mon Jan 1 00:59:11 UTC 2007

I'm sure others have been through this - hopefully they can tell me the
magic incantation.

I'm running Gentoo and mysql has gone to 5.0 (I was on 4.0.27) in the
stable tree. I've followed the instructions on the Gentoo wiki using
mysqldump to make a backup of all the databases (which includes
mythconverg of course) and done the upgrade.

When I come to import the old stuff back in, it errors out with a "key too
large" message due to the change from latin1 to utf8 character coding
which increases the size of the keys beyond the allowed 1000 bytes.

My sql backup is 73megs long - no way can I edit it to change the table
creation to include a clause to define latin1 charset s I'm having to go
back to the old version of mysql and I can no longer upgrade my system at
all due to the dependances on the mysql-5.0.

So is it possible to import a mysqldump-4 into a mysql-5 system without
blowing up the key size. Do I have to dump all mythconverg tables
individually so I can import them one by one so as to edit the ones where
the keys are too large? Is there something that can be done in dbcheck.c
to reduce the size of the keys that cause the problems?

There may be other errors but the one that stops the import is the
'displayprofilegroups' table creation.

AAhhhhh - there goes my New Years holiday :-((

Robin Gilks

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