[mythtv-users] Mailinglist usage ?

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 10:47:19 UTC 2007

On 28/02/07, Erland Isaksson <erland_i at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> I'm used to discuss things in web based discussion forums and I'm new to
> this mailing list stuff. So I would appreciate some tips about how to
> use the mailing list in a good way.
> Here is my situation:
> 1. I have a question once in a while, maybe once per month or once every
> second month or so.
> 2. Sometimes I read/search the mailing list at
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com and wants to answer to a post since I
> think I know the answer.
> My problem is that the only way I have found to answer a question
> someone else has posted is to subscribe on the mailing list the whole
> time. This means that I will recieve houndreds/thousands of mails from
> the mailing list every month and the only thing I want to be able to do
> is answering a question once in a while. I could of course just answer
> the question by sending a completely new mail to the mailing list, but
> the risk is that the original author just looks in the threaded view in
> the mailing list or at gossamer-threads and won't notice the answer
> since it will appear as a completely new thread.
> I also need to either manually every day go through all messages in the
> inbox and delete all that I know I never is going to know the answer to,
> or I can do as I do know just keep every message just in case I sometime
> in the future and wants to respond to it. Obviously this will be a lot
> of wasted disk space. The mail reader is already configured to move all
> mails from the mailing list to a separate folder so they at least
> doesn't fill up the standard inbox.
> So, is there a good way of handling the mailing list that I'm not aware
> of that would make it easier to work with ?
> I've read the discussions related to introducing a discussion forums and
> I am aware of the fact that this doesn't seem to be popular, so please
> just answer how I can improve the mailing list and don't turn this into
> a flame war regarding forum or mailing list.

you could get yourself a gmail account and use it only for the list.
Not sure if you still need an invite for gmail, but if you do, I've
got lots.

gmail works very well with this list.

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