[mythtv-users] Mac OS X, mythtv and Remotes

Seth Hettich sjh at zorak.net
Wed Feb 28 06:55:29 UTC 2007

On 2/27/07, Joe Huffner <huffner at amonhaus.com> wrote:
> I am looking into purchasing a Mac Mini running Mac OS X for a
> frontend with a Harmony 688 remote and I have been doing some
> research as to what my options are concerning my remote control. From
> what I have found the most popular are either Keyspan Express or the
> Apple Remote. I am not really happy with either of those choices due
> to the limited amount of buttons and wanted to find out what others
> were using. I would prefer a USB IR Keyboard and program the remote.
> One of the options I found was:
> http://www.notestation.com/ack573.htm
> If you have a Mac Mini and are using something other than Apple or
> Keyspan remotes, please let  me know what you are using.

I use an ATI Remote Wonder II.  It works ok, but not great (the remote
works fine, it's just not the ideal set of buttons for myth).


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