[mythtv-users] Fast forward freezing (any multiple)

raphael rpooser at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 21:58:26 UTC 2007

Bryan Bennetts wrote:
> Hey all,
> On my main be/fe machine fastforward (and I think rewind) freeze after a short 
> period.  I *think* it maybe something to do with my sound setup, but am not 
> sure.
In my case, it's related to which mpeg decoder I use. ffmpeg fast 
forwards the video just fine, very smoothly at any speed. But playback 
at normal speed results in the occasional sound skipping. libmpeg2 
results in perfect playback, but after FF for more than 5 seconds at 
speed 5x or more (for some reason 3x is just fine), and I get the pause 
you mentioned. I never bothered to fix it because it would again 
continue FF if I changed the speed by one increment or used the 30 sec 
skip button, so it wasn't a problem. That and I never use FF, just the 
skip forward function.
Anwyay, you could try and see if changing the decoder makes a difference 
and see if that helps isolate the cause.

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