[mythtv-users] Homebrew Serial Receiver Problems

John jharitos at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 27 06:16:22 UTC 2007

I'm using the USBirboy design which is based on the
Motorola (Freescale) MCU. The downside to this one is
you have to build a programmer and the device. The
only issue I'm having is that it naturally picks up
all IR signals and if it picks one up while I'm
pressing a key sometimes the key press doesn't
register since the MCU is trying to process the stray
signal. I'm not sure if you'll have this issue with
other ones as well (maybe someone else can answer) or
if I'm having an issue with either software or
hardware. It doesn't make it unusable though. I would
guess it'll be an issue with any of them since they're
made to pickup any IR signal. Here's a link to the web


There was another one I saw where you didn't need to
build a programmer. I can't remember where it is
though on the web. I just remember they used Lego's as
their enclosure.

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