[mythtv-users] mythTV versions

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue Feb 27 03:43:56 UTC 2007

Chris Weisiger wrote:
> I have a mythTV system as a frontend/backend combo.
> The version on current system is mythtv-suite-0.20-62.at
> I notice that the latest is mythtv-suite-0.20-153.fc5.at
> I am wanting to add another frontend to watch tv from another room in 
> the house.
> I have read that each version of myth has to be the same.
> The question I have is does each version have to be exactly the same 
> like mythtv-suite-0.20-153 or just that each version just has to be at 
> least mythtv-suite 0.20?
> Does the 62 and 153 of the two versions make a difference?
To answer you last question, yes.  So I think that answers your others.  
It isn't that you have to have 153 and 153, but if any protocol changes 
were present from 62 to 153 then they will not work together.  Even if 
there wasn't a protocol change from 62 to 153, then it is still *highly 
recommended* that they match to make it easier to identify real problems 
from version mismatch problems.


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