[mythtv-users] Missing position and show description info

Matt Rude mythtv at mattrude.com
Mon Feb 26 20:42:54 UTC 2007

Jason McMillon wrote:
> A bit of  background.  I have updated my Fedora Core 4 system to FC 6 by 
> backing up the MySQL database and my recorded programs and then 
> re-creating the database and replacing the programs on the updated machine.
> All seems to be working well except I can't get the position and show 
> description info of the currently playing program like I use to be able 
> to by pressing the "I" button.  Nothing happens.
> Here is the kicker though, on my other remote frontend the information 
> is displayed normally by pressing the "I" button.  So it's something 
> with the frontend running on the backend machine.
> Anyone have any ideas?
> Thanks!!
> Jason

Jason try changing your OSD theme (in SETUP->PLAYBACK i think).


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