[mythtv-users] LIRC, audio-alsa and the audio Jack

Jeremy Gillick myth at mozmonkey.com
Sun Feb 25 20:19:11 UTC 2007

I plan to grab the 5+ from an extra USB port.  How do you prevent the 
audio from the remote going into the TV?


Remco Treffkorn wrote:
> On Sunday 25 February 2007, Jeremy Gillick wrote:
>> I'm thinking of using audio-alsa for my receiver, but the circuit
>> diagram (http://www.lirc.org/ir-audio.html) doesn't say how to connect
>> the audio Jack.  Does ground go to the base or the tip of the audio
>> jack?  I also am assuming it's a mono plug.
>> Thanks,
>> Jeremy
> I am sure you can google the pinout for the Mic input.
> Besides ground and Mic in it provides also 5V via a 2K series resistor.
> You don't need the diode.
> You should be able to hear your remote, if you monitor mic in.
> I am using the Radioshack part with no problems.
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