[mythtv-users] Powerstrip modeline not working

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 20:16:45 UTC 2007

> are you using VGA to connect to the TV or DVI? It looks like your not
> receiving any EDID information, which some TV's won't send out over
> VGA. If this is the case, you'll need to see if your manual shows the
> HorizSync and VertRefresh information, which it should if it has a VGA
> port.

Spot on Steve - I am using VGA. I was wondering how come there was no
EDID info coming back. The reason I'm using VGA is because the HDMI
cables here in Australia seem to be $200 and I haven't looked on eBay
etc to see what other options I have and as VGA is as good as HDMI
there didn't seem to be any need.

I found this data for PC input signals on the Panasonic site for my
TH-50PX600A TV:

	640400 @ 70Hz (31.46KHz)
	640480 @ 60 Hz (31.47KHz)
	640480 @ 75 Hz (37.50KHz)
	800600 @ 60 Hz (37.88KHz)
	800600 @ 75 Hz (46.88KHz)
	800600 @ 85 Hz (53.67KHz)
	1,024768 @ 60 Hz (48.36KHz)
	1,024768 @ 70 Hz (56.48KHz)
	1,024768 @ 75 Hz (60.02KHz)
	1,024768 @ 85 Hz (68.68KHz)
	1,2801,024 @60 Hz (63.98KHz)
	Macintosh 13 inch 640x480 @66.67Hz (35KHz)
	Macintosh 16 inch 832x624 @74.54Hz (49.72KHz)
	Macintosh 21 inch 1152x870 @75.06Hz (68.68KHz)
	852x480 @ 60 Hz (31.5KHz)
	1366x768 @ 60 Hz (48.4KHz)
Is the Hz figure after the "@" the VertRefresh and the figures in
brackets the HorizSync? If so, that makes my VertRefresh range 60-85
and my HorizSync range 31.46 - 68.38 doesn't it?

Feels like I'm making progress now!


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