[mythtv-users] What HDTV capture card has the most support?

Marc Barrett mnealbarrett at cox.net
Sat Feb 24 11:57:53 UTC 2007

I presently have a MythTV box with two Hauppauge cards (a 150 and a 350), and it is working well for me.  I am considering adding an HDTV capture card, to receive over-the-air HDTV signals.  All the local broadcast stations broadcast in HDTV, and I live downtown in the middle of a city, within spitting distance of several TV stations, so receiving HDTV over-the-air should be no problem.

I would hate to purchase an HDTV capture card and find that it doesn't work well with MythTV, or that the driver support is still buggy, or something.  (I had that experience with a HVR-1600; I saw a really, really good deal on one, then found out it is totally unsupported.  I'm glad I checked before buying it)  So, what HDTV capture card(s) have the best support under MythTV and Linux, and are available at reasonable prices?

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