[mythtv-users] "spanish imdb.pl"

Josť Oliver Segura primijos at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 19:55:54 UTC 2007

      Hi all,

      if anybody is interested in a "spanish" replacement of imdb.pl,
I've written a perl script *deeply* based on it (inspiration and some
copy/paste, credit must go to the original authors of imdb.pl), but
this one grabs information from www.alpacine.es, which is a spanish
web site with information in spanish about movies. It's not about
spanish movies, but about any moview but providing information in
spanish (ex. "La pantera rosa" instead of "The pink panther"...)

       This is the first version, but maybe it can do the job for
spanish/latin users. I've not plans for this script, maybe including
some other spanish sites such as es.movies.yahoo.com, but not sure
(I've found that, for "commercial" movies, this site has most of the
information for most of the movies... don't try to find any sweden
"arte y ensayo" movie ;) )

       You can download it from here:


       I hope it will help anybody to enrich the MythTV experience!
(that... IMHO its *great*)


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