[mythtv-users] STRANGE GLITCH- Almost all recordings are gone! - Any idea why?

Dmitry Shesterin aka dscheste dscheste at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 06:02:33 UTC 2007

Something terrible happened today. After I came back from work, as usually
late, switched on the TV and the only thing I see among my recordings is
Steve Dotto's series.... All the recorded episodes. The rest of the
recordings were gone!

- I thought it is a glitch and rebooted the PVR. It came back - no

I realized that all of the recordings must be lost and was so upset..... TV
with all this advertising again..... I do not think my wife could have taken
it any longer..

What could explain a glitch, where not all of the recording are gone, but
almost all of them, leaving only one group of recordings stay?

First thing I did after that was to look at the actual file system to make
sure that the recordings are really gone....

Thanks God they were there! Physically, the recordings are there, right
where they belong, all renamed and with previews.... But not in the

After I realized that there is nothing I can do with it right now, I decided
to "RESET" the whole thing.

backed up the entire database, then

stopped mysql and backend

$mv /var/lib/mysql/mythconverg /var/lib/mysql/mythconverg_old
then created a new mythvonverg
then ran mythtv-setup again.

This time there were no shows at all - expected...

Then $mv /var/lib/mysql/mythconverg_old /var/lib/mysql/mythconverg

Then started Mysql and backend again.

WHEN I STARTED MYTHTV again - nothing changed, all the settings were there,
but only Steve Dotto showed up in the recordings.....

I almost freaked out and pulled the plug on the whole thing and wanted to
book some time off this weekend to reinstall everything from scratch..... I
was not looking towards the entire day of compiling, installing, tweaking..
and most importantly, loosing recordings!

And then, in a move of hopeless desperation, I clicked "View TV" to watch
live TV for the last time on this installation.... TV played for a bit and
then I exited to the main menu, looked into the media library for the last

HOLY! I guess the only thing it took to fix this strange glitch was to
launch the TV and view it for a while?

Did that happen to anybody else before?
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