[mythtv-users] Satellite providers? OTA HDTV antenna recommendations? Questions about providers (Comcast) in Western MA?

Meatwad meatwad.get.the.honeys at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 21:00:58 UTC 2007

Brian wrote:
> I live in Westfield, MA and am somewhat stuck with Comcast basic cable. I'd
> prefer to have absolutely nothing to do with Comca$t but it's either their
> broadband service or dial-up Internet access. :( The basic cable (maybe 15
> channels) is essentially free due to the way they price their Internet
> service. I absolutely refuse to pay $70+ dollars (in addition to their
> broadband service) for their low-end digital package (IIRC, includes 100
> channels) 
> Can anyone recommend any satellite providers? Cost is an issue (I'd like to
> stay under $30-40/mo), HD programming and compatibility with MythTV are
> others. (i.e. set-top boxes with unencrypted firewire out perhaps, RS-232
> channel changing control) I currently have a FE/BE system running a PVR-350
> but intend to add a HDHR and a dedicated HD FE very soon. 
> For those local to Westfield, MA: Does Comcast broadcast local HD channels
> on the wire unencrypted? Any experience with their HD set-top boxes? If so,
> what make/model are they? 
> Can anyone recommend an affordable/effective HDTV antenna? (or antenna
> installer local to Western MA). 

Have you looked into the availability of Verizon FiOS (fiber to the 
house)? My brother in Stoneham just signed up for the introductory HSI 
at 45/month and his speeds are insane. They also offer IPTV as well as 
resell DirecTV so you may be able to put together a cost effective package.

As for OTA, a local installer would be your best bet for the antenna 
recommendation if you want an outdoor antenna solution. Each geographic 
area has it's own unique challenges with regards to reception so it may 
save you a lot of time to hire a local pro.

For indoor HD reception, the Silver Sensor marketed in the States by 
Zenith is my top choice but Chicagoans should note that it (and any 
other UHF-only antenna) will NOT pick up CBS-WBBM as the FCC assigned 
them channel 3 for ATSC transmission.


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