[mythtv-users] WriteAudio: buffer underruns without prebuffering pauses

Tom Greer trgreer at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 15:15:40 UTC 2007

willyboyd at gmail wrote:
> ... I found it helped me
> to have "extra audio buffering" turned on, and "aggressive audio
> buffering" turned off. What version of MythTV? (0.20, SVN?)

I had very little time to experiment last night.  I got results that I
don't understand.  So I will wait to post, until I have time to
experiment more carefully and properly log the results.

For the record, here are my Audio settings (I should have posted this earlier).

Audio output device: ALSA:default
Passthrough output device: default
AC3 to SPDIF passthrough: disabled
DTS to SPDIF passthrough: disabled
Aggressive sound card buffering: disabled
Internal volume controls: enabled
Mixer device: default
Mixer controls: PCM


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