[mythtv-users] More on DVD handling...

Bruce H McIntosh scotsman at afn.org
Wed Feb 21 05:03:09 UTC 2007

Ok, so I was right about needing to nfs-mount the backend's /myth
directory.  I've  got videos and music on tap now.  Yippie!  Now on to
the DVD quandry...

mtd is running as a daemon on the backend box.  MythDVD is running on
the frontend box, and cannot connect to mtd.  Evidently they have to be
on the same box.  Great.  Ok, so I'll transcode on the frontend while
everyone's in bed asleep, right? Wrong!  I'm not running mysql on the
frontend, and mtd won't run without mysql.  This is a whole lot more
frustrating than it ought to be.  So now it's looking as if my only real
option here is to throw some money at the problem and put a PCI IDE
adapter in the backend so I can put a DVD drive into it without the
buggy Serverworks LE mobo throwing a DMA snit.

Has anyone else come up with some hack that'll let me run mythdvd on the
frontend and feed the a/v off the DVD to an mtd on the backend?
    Bruce H. McIntosh  scotsman at afn.org  www.afn.org/~scotsman  WA4UF
         Network geek with a strong affinity for Telecasters

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