[mythtv-users] Mythbackend Crashes While Changing Channels on HD-5500

Chris Weiland hobbiticus at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 21:03:42 UTC 2007

Eh, that was poor phrasing.  What happened to me was that I didn't set the
permissions on /dev/raw1394 for my firewire input, which would cause the
backend to crash pretty much any time I did anything in the frontend.

You also might want to play with your irq settings in your bios.  I think I
ran into a problem when my sound card and 5500 tried to use the same irq,
which actually cause the sound card to fail to initialize.  It's probably
not your problem, but it might be worth a shot.  I don't remember exactly
what I did in the bios though.

On 2/20/07, Dennis Hand <d00dtv at gmail.com> wrote:
> >-I start to see things like "cx88[0]: irq aud [0x1001] dn_risci1*
> dn_sync*
> >cx88[0]/1: clearing mask" on the mythbackend console
> Just a guess here but do you by chance have the alsa-driver and alsa-kmdl
> installed on your system? If so, try removing those two packages and see
> if
> things work better. This won't hurt anything unless you happen to be using
> a brand new version of soundcard that requires this.
> Dennis Hand
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