[mythtv-users] DVD drive on frontend, storage and transcoding on backend?

Matt Rude mythtv at mattrude.com
Tue Feb 20 20:42:02 UTC 2007

Bruce H McIntosh wrote:
> Ok, I've been through every FAQ, HOWTO, forum archive and wiki I can
> find, but cannot pin this down.
> My setup:  I've built frontend and backend boxes using knoppmyth.  The
> backend box has two PVR250s and several hundred gig of storage; it does
> NOT have a DVD drive (it's an older dual P3 mobo that throws DMA errors
> if a DVD drive is hooked up).  The frontend box has a DVD drive.  What I
> would like is for all my recorded programs, ripped DVDs, audio files
> (mp3s, CD rips, etc), games, photos, etc., to wind up in the /myth
> directory on the backend box.  I also want any transcoding to happen on
> the backend, as it's a dually (I presume for that, I just have to have
> mtd running as a daemon).  What's unclear to me is how to configure the
> *frontend* so that all the file storage occurs on the *backend*.  Do I
> need to nfs- or samba- mount the backend's /myth on the frontend box(es,
> as there will eventually be two or three of 'em)?  The reams of info
> OutThere are just not clear on this.

You will need to mount an NFS or Samba share on your frontend system 
then in the setup -> Video Settings -> General Settings and change the 
"Directory that holds Videos" the the newly mounted share. (mine is 

Next do the same for the music.


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