[mythtv-users] mythbackend: Hangup ??

Herman Kuiper herman at frontier.nl
Tue Feb 20 20:33:04 UTC 2007


I've updated my backend runnign SVN recently, as well as upgrading a set of 
packages installed on that server (Debian). Since, mythbackend seems to 
stop without any any message (I think) during the night. I once tried 
running mythbackend from a console in the foreground, and the next day 
there was a line "Hangup" in the output.

So I thought this might have to do with logrotate and changed settings to:

/var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log {
        rotate 7

but I was under the impression mythbackend should not exit on a SIGHUP, 
just open a new logfile.

Any ideas as to what I'm missing here?


(just changed loglevel from 'important' to 'all' to see if that gives 
relevant info)

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