[mythtv-users] Satellite providers? OTA HDTV antenna recommendations? Questions about providers (Comcast) in Western MA?

Brian brian at miatar.org
Tue Feb 20 11:18:19 UTC 2007

I live in Westfield, MA and am somewhat stuck with Comcast basic cable. I'd
prefer to have absolutely nothing to do with Comca$t but it's either their
broadband service or dial-up Internet access. :( The basic cable (maybe 15
channels) is essentially free due to the way they price their Internet
service. I absolutely refuse to pay $70+ dollars (in addition to their
broadband service) for their low-end digital package (IIRC, includes 100

Can anyone recommend any satellite providers? Cost is an issue (I'd like to
stay under $30-40/mo), HD programming and compatibility with MythTV are
others. (i.e. set-top boxes with unencrypted firewire out perhaps, RS-232
channel changing control) I currently have a FE/BE system running a PVR-350
but intend to add a HDHR and a dedicated HD FE very soon. 

For those local to Westfield, MA: Does Comcast broadcast local HD channels
on the wire unencrypted? Any experience with their HD set-top boxes? If so,
what make/model are they? 

Can anyone recommend an affordable/effective HDTV antenna? (or antenna
installer local to Western MA). 

Thanks in advance,

brian @ miatar.org

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