[mythtv-users] MythIPTV Beta 2

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Tue Feb 20 02:25:59 UTC 2007

Phill Edwards wrote:
>> There's a new version of MythIPTV now at
>> http://www.stillhq.com/mythtv/mythiptv/source/beta-2/
>> This version adds the following:
>>  - subscription management: you can add RSS URLs to watch,
>>    list them, update them (download new versions of the XML and
>>    import the shows), and remove them
> I haven't tried your 1st beta, but I may well give this a go. I just
> need to understand what it is a little better first. Is it a tool
> which lets you subscribe to RSS feeds which themselves point to video
> content such as news stories which get loaded into MythTV as "normal"
> recordings?

Yes. Some RSS and ATOM streams have "enclosures", which are links to
multimedia files. If those multimedia files are videos, then they're
supported by MythIpTv.

> If so, it sounds a little like mythstream which does a similar thing
> except it doesn't download and store. I have written a parser for
> mythstream which lets you watch ABC Australia video clips such as
> national news, weather, sport, business news etc. But there is no
> direct RSS feed for these, AFAIK, so my parser downloads a web page
> and follows some links until it gets to a .ASX file which contains
> headlines and MMS urls to the actual video content. Presumably
> MythIPTV wouldn't work in this scenario because it relies on there
> being an actual RSS feed with direct links to the video content - is
> that correct?

At the moment, yes. It wouldn't be too hard to syndicate from other
sources though. As long as there is a URL to the content, some simple
meta data (title, subtitle, and so forth), and the format can be
transcoded to one supported by the Myth internal player, it's all good.

> While that may be a downside, perhaps it can be worked around by me
> creating a RSS XML file which MythIPTV could read. The reason I would
> do this is because I like the sound of the content appearing as
> recordings - it would be better to watch them like this than through
> the mythstream interface.

ABC podcasts, so perhaps there is a chance of lobbying them to do RSS
feeds for video as well?


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