[mythtv-users] strange 1920x540 with nvidia

Seth Daniel mythtv.org at sethdaniel.org
Tue Feb 20 02:20:46 UTC 2007

On Mon, Feb 19, 2007 at 06:12:13PM -0800, Marco Nelissen wrote:
> >The problem is that when I select the 1920x1080 mode I get only a
> >'virtual' screen of 1920x1080 (the nvidia driver calls this the
> >'backend' resolution).  I get a visible screen (frontend) of 1920x540.
> >Everything is chopped off in the middle (video playback is chopped in
> >the middle, the mythtv frontend is chopped in the middle, etc...).
> >This is with the 9xxx nvidia drivers.  
> I have the same problem with the latest drivers and a Sharp Aquos LCD.
> After noticing in Xorg.0.log that the resolution it picked had a 120Hz
> refresh rate, and further finding that the driver seemed to completely
> ignore any refresh rate limits I put in xorg.conf, I ended up modifying
> mythtv locally to reject any refresh rate that was significantly larger
> than standard TV refresh rates.
> There were other symptoms as well:
> - even though the main menu runs in 1920x1080i, first viewing of a 1080i
>   recording results in the image being "squished" vertically. I have to
>   play a 720p show first, after which 1080i will work.
> - after watching a 720p recording, the screen won't switch back to 1080i.
>   I mapped a button on my remote to run the appropriate xrandr command
>   to switch back to 1080i (a workaround which strangely does not work with
>   problem #1)
> For whatever reason I can't get the 8xxx drivers to work anymore, so I'm
> stuck with the 9xxx driver, but I'd advise anyone who has a 8xxx driver
> working to just stick with it, and not upgrade to any 9xxx driver.
> (though I'm sure someone will chime in to say that 9xxx works just dandy
> for them)

My situation is that neither one (8xxx vs 9xxx) work (at least they
don't work at 1920x1080i).  It's just that they don't work for different
reasons. :-( 

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