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Mon Feb 19 23:02:36 UTC 2007

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Brett Stevens wrote:
> On 20/02/2007, at 9:26 AM, Rod Smith wrote:
>> On Monday 19 February 2007 16:58, Jared Greenwald wrote:
>>> I seem to be a little confused about how this whole backend/ 
>>> frontend thing
>>> works.
>>> I'd like to be able to keep all of my media up on the backend.  This
>>> includes transcoded DVD movies, music, and tv shows.  It doesn't  
>>> seem to be
>>> setup this way.  Ultimately, I'd like to setup a single backend  
>>> machine
>>> with multiple frontend machines.  I'd like all of the media files  
>>> to reside
>>> on the backend so that they can be played on any of the frontend  
>>> machines.
>>> I'm playing with a test setup at the moment with a backend and  
>>> separate
>>> frontend machine and when I attempt to rip a DVD, it seems to just  
>>> plop the
>>> resulting files on the local frontend's disk.
>>> Also, same with mp3s/music files.
>>> Has anyone tried this?  How would I be able to set this up such that
>>> everything is shared.
>> If there's a within-MythTV way of doing this, I don't know what it is;
>> however, doing it with the help of conventional Linux file-sharing  
>> tools
>> shouldn't be too hard. You need to do two things:
>> 1) Configure the backend system to share the directories in which you
>>    want to store video files, music files, and whatever else.
>> 2) Create /etc/fstab entries on the frontend system to automatically
>>    mount the directories you've shared via step #1 in the locations
>>    where you tell the frontend to place ripped DVD files, to look for
>>    video files, etc.
>> NFS is the Linux-native way to do this, and NFS *SHOULD* work  
>> adequately, but
>> I've only done a few short tests with it so my practical experience is
>> limited. Alternatively, you could try Samba on the backend and  
>> Linux's SMBFS
>> or CIFS driver on the frontend. This *SHOULD* also work adequately,  
>> but I've
>> not tried it at all with MythTV. For Myth/Linux-only networks, I'd  
>> try NFS;
>> but Samba/SMBFS/CIFS would be easier if you want Windows boxes to  
>> have access
>> to your MythTV files. (You can run both NFS and Samba on the  
>> backend, if you
>> like.) In any event, you'll have to pay attention to ownership,  
>> permissions,
>> and read/write vs. read-only issues, but the details of how to do  
>> this are
>> different for the two protocols.
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