[mythtv-users] Image Quality PVR-500

J. David Maino david.maino at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 21:02:26 UTC 2007

I've tried a few things, including plugging the cable directly into the 
wall (previously it was going through a splitter), swapping out cables, 
making sure the connections were finger tight (didn't try a wrench), and 
plugging in a TV to the same outlet and cable. The TV quality was a 
little fuzzy, but it was consistently fuzzy on all channels, and not 
nearly as bad as my PVR-500.

I did check channel 45 and noticed that it was also a particularly bad 
channel after seeing other people comment on it (previously I had just 
chosen a few low end channels to check and a few high end channels and 
assumed everything in between was somewhere in between).

I've currently got an email out to Hauppauge to maybe get some answers, 
but I'm not holding my breath.


luitjens at cs.utah.edu wrote:
>     Problems on the low-band (channels 2-6) are often the result of bad
>     connections, either poorly-crimped or loose connectors or broken
>     shields etc.
>     Trying to not get too technical, the higher frequencies can sometimes
>     "jump the gap" better than the lower ones. A terrible way to describe
>     it but sometimes useful.
>     Make sure you have the proper connectors for your cable, properly
>     crimped (ie: not with a pair of pliers) and the connectors are either
>     very finger-tight or just slightly wrench-tight.
>     The connectors on capture cards are sometimes hard to get at well
>     enough to be sure they are tight, sometimes easily cross-threaded.
>     Also you might try connecting a TV set to the exact same connector as
>     your card to make sure the problem is not actually in your cable
>     system or home wiring.
> An easy check for this would be to swap the 2 cables connecting to the 
> PVR-500 and see if card1 now looks bad.
> Justin
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