[mythtv-users] 5.1 audio?

Jack Madison jack at webhouse.cc
Mon Feb 19 20:16:25 UTC 2007

Rip/Transcode settings:
Quality: Good
Audio Track: en ac3 6Ch
AC3 Audio: box is checked

tcprobe output:
[tcprobe] RIFF data, AVI video
[avilib] V: 23.976 fps, codec=XVID, frames=183644, width=704, height=480
[avilib] A: 48000 Hz, format=0x2000, bits=16, channels=2, bitrate=448
[avilib]    183644 chunks, 428992256 bytes, CBR
[tcprobe] summary for "various movies, I tried a few", (*) = not
default, 0 = not detected
import frame size: -g 704x480 [720x576] (*)
       frame rate: -f 23.976 [25.000] frc=1 (*)
      audio track: -a 0 [0] -e 48000,16,2 [48000,16,2] -n 0x2000
                   bitrate=448 kbps
           length: 183644 frames, frame_time=41 msec,

It looks like it's only 2 channel, not 6 as I expected.  Am I ending up
with 5.1 audio in the file, but can only play 2 channel on my computer
or is it really only 2 channels in the end file?  If only 2 channels,
what do I need to do to get 5.1?  I don't yet have myth connected to a
5.1 sound system so I can't give it the old listen test.

I'm sorry if this is a FAQ.  I did look at the myth.org website
including the FAQ and knowlegebase as well as trying a google search,
but searching for "mythdvd audio channel" returns eleventy-billion
unrelated hits.

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