[mythtv-users] Google GalleryPlayer

Blammo blammo.doh at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 18:42:50 UTC 2007

For those who haven't seen it, Google GalleryPlayer
(http://www.galleryplayer.com/default.html) is a free app that ties in
with MediaCenter, then sells you pictures/fineart/etc for turning your
big display device into a picture frame/canvas.

Great idea, and browsing their library, they truly have some superb
content. Each collection runs like $9.99.

While I don't think that Google is authoring a Linux/Myth version any
time soon (a pity, since it appears most of the revenue comes from
image sales) I was wondering if anyone else was aware of something
like this, either as an application or implementation of an existing

(yes, I'm aware you could pull images into MythGallery, and leave them
up on the screen, it appears (again i don't own it, so I'm picking
this up from their web site) that GalleryPlayer will either run as a
"module" you start and leave up, or in a "screensaver" mode.)


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