[mythtv-users] OT: Interesting study on HDD failure by Googlelabs

Marco Nelissen marcone at xs4all.nl
Mon Feb 19 17:20:47 UTC 2007

>> http://labs.google.com/papers/disk_failures.pdf
>Wow. First Google helps us out by putting MythTV in the Summer of  
>Code (2006), now they indirectly help us out by publishing everything  
>they know about hard disk failures. Google just <3's us (indirectly).

One of the points they make:
   Contrary to previously reported results, we found
   very little correlation between failure rates and ei­
   ther elevated temperature or activity levels.

I remember a while ago disk failure due to wear was brought forward as a
reason against tivo-like "always record with all tuners" functionality
in mythtv. Time to reconsider that... :)

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