[mythtv-users] Image Quality PVR-500

Bill Chmura Bill at Explosivo.com
Mon Feb 19 16:35:42 UTC 2007

On Mon, 19 Feb 2007 07:45:44 -0800
"J. David Maino" <david.maino at gmail.com> wrote:

> How would I go about trying to record at native NTSC resolution? Also,
> how might I go about trying to attenuate the signal. I already have 2
> TVs, a cable modem, and this box hooked up to my cable just fyi.
> Thanks,
> Dave
> > John Drescher wrote:
> >>> Another thought (as always): Have you tried recording at native NTSC/PAL
> >>> resolution?
> >>> _______________________________________________
> >>
> >> That is one thing that I have not tried. I can test this when I get 
> >> some time.
> >>
> >> BTW, for me the only thing that worked well is a lot of attenuation.
> >>
> >> John

I am also having image quality problems with the PVR 500...  I have a PVR 350 in the same box that works fine, just the PVR500 recording is crappy.  Not even sure at this point if it is both on the 500 or not.

Anyway, one thing to keep in mind is that the 500 has a splitter inside it.  So when you are working out signal loss across all your splitters and such, there is a two way in there.  No idea on the quality of it though.

I've got a 10db amp a split back, which helped, but not entirely.  In theory (and I am probably wrong), I have a 10dB amp (+10) then a four way splitter (-7dB), then the PVR500's 2 way (-3.5dB), so I should not be off that much right?

Ah well... at least the 350 works well 

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