[mythtv-users] Problems ripping "RV" - how to transcode once it is ripped with another program?

Jack Madison jack at webhouse.cc
Mon Feb 19 15:42:46 UTC 2007

I don't mind the $29, I have ~300 DVDs to rip/transcode (why 5G vs 2G
makes a big difference to me) and I'm sure I'll run into this with
several movies, but a non-linux solution would be a big hassle.  Thanks
for the suggestion though, I'll keep it in mind if I simply cannot find
a linux solution.

On Mon, 2007-02-19 at 10:30 -0500, Brian wrote:
>  > >   
> > I have no Linux solution, but I've been able to generate 
> > great RIPs of everything using these on Windows:
> > 
> > RipIt4Me (coupled with DVD decrypter) gets any VOB file I've 
> > tried.  I just set DVD Decrypter to not do file breaks (so I 
> > get on VOB) in the settings after it imports the protected 
> > sector list.
> > Then I import this VOB into Nero for burning to DVD except I 
> > select Export before creating the burn and make it an 
> > extendend play MPG in DVD format with 5.1 audio.  This 
> > results in about 50% of the size of the VOB but with 5.1 
> > audio and I have yet to have the audio sync problems I used 
> > to have using VirtualDub to Divx on Windows before this.
> > 
> > Kevin
> Just chiming in to offer a few suggestions. 
> Under Windoze I use AnyDVD ($29), DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter with great
> success in backing up DVDs. DVDFab ($?) also worked well and is easy to use
> (this is what my sister uses). 
> AnyDVD http://www.slysoft.com/en/anydvd.html
> DVDFab http://www.dvdfab.com/
> DVD Shrink http://www.dvdshrink.org/index.html
> DVD Decrypter Find via Google. Last version is 3.5.4
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