[mythtv-users] Problems ripping "RV" - how to transcode once it is ripped with another program?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon Feb 19 14:34:21 UTC 2007

Jack Madison wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-02-08 at 17:16 -0600, j mccord wrote:
>> I have been trying to rip the new movie"RV" and have had no success.
>> This isnt the first movie which hasn't worked, most have no problems
>> but every once and a while I come across one that doesnt work.  Is
>> there a list of movies that don't work or is my problem a
>> configuration setting or version issue.
> A timely post, I was going to post a similar question (or the next part
> of this question).
> First, I don't think a list of movies that you can't rip is very useful,
> more and more movies will be this way and what we need is a solution.
> I've tried a number of different programs to rip the DVDs I'm having
> issues with (Legend of Zorro, Ultraviolet, Cars, Madagascar, etc).  So
> far the only program that seems to successfully rip them reliably (just
> Ultraviolet and Zorro that I've tried) is vlc, and only from the command
> line using:
> vlc dvd:/dev/dvd at 2 --sout
> "#standard{access=file,mux=ps,dst=/home/jack/dvdout.vob}"
> where "@2" is the title number that you must figure out beforehand.  My
> problem with this is I don't want to leave them as a 5G or so file, I
> want to transcode them down under 2G.  I rip all my movies in "good"
> quality with AC3 5.1 sound with MythDVD and the slight picture quality
> difference is more than made up for with the disk space savings (to
> me).  
> My problem is I am unable to transcode them for one reason or another.
> I've tried vlc, avidemux, mencoder, transcode, etc. and have yet to find
> a combination of options on any software that will produce a video in
> which the audio and video are in sync.  I've tried having vlc output a
> transcoded file instead of just the mpeg dump and that doesn't work for
> me either, crashes, invalid options, no sound, or at best out of sync.
> I've tried using a transcode command from mtd.log from a successful
> rip/transcode of another movie but again the sound is out of sync.  I
> believe the problem is the vlc rip has VBR audio with these other
> programs are not dealing with correctly.  
I have no Linux solution, but I've been able to generate great RIPs of 
everything using these on Windows:

RipIt4Me (coupled with DVD decrypter) gets any VOB file I've tried.  I 
just set DVD Decrypter to not do file breaks (so I get on VOB) in the 
settings after it imports the protected sector list.
Then I import this VOB into Nero for burning to DVD except I select 
Export before creating the burn and make it an extendend play MPG in DVD 
format with 5.1 audio.  This results in about 50% of the size of the VOB 
but with 5.1 audio and I have yet to have the audio sync problems I used 
to have using VirtualDub to Divx on Windows before this.


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