[mythtv-users] Control of multiple external tuners with MythTV

Scott Walker lkomage at bellsouth.net
Mon Feb 19 06:36:05 UTC 2007

Is it possible to use just one IR transmitter, and just tell it which
codes to use at the time? Something like a macro that some learning
remotes have, that can send commands to multiple devices at once.

I've found references to some IR blasters that work through LIRC, which
is evidently problematic at times, and some that work without LIRC. Hard
to tell which would be more likely to "just work". Work, as in work to
the point where I can program it without worrying if it isn't working
because my program's wrong, or I built LIRC wrong, or something else is

I know I'm going to have to write up my own channel changing script, as
the 4DTV receivers don't have a good path to computer control, and the
MPEG receiver depends on one of the receivers for dish moving. Don't
mind the software-writing part; I would just prefer to have the easiest
hardware to work with.

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