[mythtv-users] multi-encoder backend: confused about which chanels are on which encoder

Seth Hettich sjh at zorak.net
Mon Feb 19 04:48:50 UTC 2007

Thanks, I'll give that a try.  Will removing/re-adding that stuff kill
all my existing schedules/etc?


On 2/18/07, Nick Morrott <knowledgejunkie at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 19/02/07, Seth Hettich <sjh at zorak.net> wrote:
> > It seems as if during the period where the cards got switched (due to
> > the rouge driver?) things got confused, and now it thinks both cards
> > have all the channels.
> I would go about this as follows (I'm sure others will have better suggestions):
> 1) shutdown  mythfrontend and mythbackend
> 2) enter mythtv-setup and 'Delete All' video sources and 'Delete All'
> capture cards (this will flush out all card and channel related info)
> 3*) purloin some udev rules so that you can create symlinks to these
> devices that are immune to device renaming at startup (e.g.
> /dev/videoX is symlinked to /dev/ivtv). If your HDTV card does create
> /dev/dvb/adapterX nodes then you should not need a rule for this as
> there is only a single adapter with one card.
> 4) when your devices are suitably named, re-enter mythtv-setup and add
> your cards (using the new udev nodes if necessary) and recreate your
> video sources. Attach the correct sources and inputs togethers, and
> run mythfilldatabase to populate your listings
> 5) restart mythbackend
> You should now have static device nodes for MythTV that a reboot
> should not affect. This should result in your video sources staying
> attached to the correct devices.
> * Writing udev rules to match drivers and devices can be tricky. There
> are some examples on the ivtvdriver.org site at
> http://ivtvdriver.org/index.php/Howto#Howto_use_udev_rules.21 (ideal
> for ivtv users who have changing device nodes) and my favourite udev
> walkthrough is  still at
> http://www.reactivated.net/writing_udev_rules.html.
> Nick
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