[mythtv-users] vmware workstation 6 / fusion beta

Trey Thompson treythompson at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 04:12:31 UTC 2007

> i noticed that vmware workstation 6 and vmware fusion beta claim full usb
> 2.0 support.
> does this mean it might be theoretically possible to run mythbackend in a vm
> on a windows or mac box using a usb tv tuner such as the wintv pvr usb2 and
> maybe a hdhomerun for digital tv [in the us, anyway]?
> can anyone think of any problems offhand?
> i started wondering about this after seeing a video on engadget claiming to
> show a vmware fusion build with full directx 8.1 support...so i started
> dreaming of consolidating my windows and linux systems onto a single 8-core
> mac pro through vmware fusion [when apple upgrades to quadcore cpus, of
> course].

We use vmware EXTENSIVELY with our customers.  To be honest, it's a
GREAT product, but when it comes to processor utilization, it's still
got a way to go.  We use their enterprise products, as well as their
Workstation.  It MIGHT be a good way to go, but I just can't guarantee
you that it will do what you need.  I've got FC5 running in a vm, and
it's fun to play with.  It PROBABLY could handle what you're looking

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