[mythtv-users] multi-encoder backend: confused about which chanels are on which encoder

Seth Hettich sjh at zorak.net
Mon Feb 19 03:51:35 UTC 2007

On 2/18/07, Nick Morrott <knowledgejunkie at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 18/02/07, Seth Hettich <sjh at zorak.net> wrote:
> > But it's still confused about the channels, what I have now under
> > MythTV Status (mythweb):
> >
> > Encoder status
> > Encoder 1 is local on tivi and is not recording.
> > Encoder 2 is local on tivi and is not recording.
> >
> > Schedule
> > The next 10 shows that are scheduled for recording:
> >
> > Sun 2/18 3:00 PM - Encoder 2 - Bravo - Law & Order: Criminal Intent
> > Sun 2/18 3:00 PM - Encoder 1 - G4-video game television - Arrested Development
> > [...]
> >
> > So, right there you can see a problem...  one of my two encoders
> > (encoder 1, I think) is just an OTA pcHD3000, so it's going to have a
> > hard time getting cable shows :(
> >
> > From the channel db view of mythweb I have:
> >
> > sourceid 1, channum 129 -> bravo
> > sourceid 1, channum 191 -> g4
> > sourceid 2, channum 11.1 -> KNTV-HD
> >
> > (just as examples)
> >
> > I tried deleting my schedule for Arrested Development, and then
> > re-adding it, but that did not help.  Without having a better
> > understanding of how input devices/lineups map to encoders, and how
> > that relates to sourceids I'm not sure how else I can debug it.
> When you define your video sources in mythtv-setup, you need to ensure
> that each video source contains only the channels that the card input
> you attach it to can receive. This ensures the scheduler will only
> schedule recordings on inputs that can actually record the shows you
> want recorded. It's no use having extraneous channels defined if they
> cause the scheduled to correctly schedule recordings on an inputs that
> has no way of actually recording. The scheduler is unaware of whether
> a channel defined on a video source can actually be recorded from
> successfully.
> Put simply, if you are using an analog tuner, you need to ensure the
> video source contains only analog channels that you can receive. If
> you are using a OTA HD tuner, the video source must only contain
> channels that the HD tuner can receive. If you have both analog and HD
> cards in the same box, you should have 2 video sources defined,
> attached to the correct card input via the Input Connections section
> in mythtv-setup.
> If you are using the zap2it listings, I believe it is possible to
> remove channels from your lineup online so that when listings are
> retrieved, only the channels you have configured are added to the
> database.

Yeah, I have two lineups in zap2it.  I just re-confirmed that in the
zap2it website, and in mythtv-setup each lineup only has the "right"
channels.  (is there some easy way to get a text dump of this part of
the config that I could share?).

It seems as if during the period where the cards got switched (due to
the rouge driver?) things got confused, and now it thinks both cards
have all the channels.


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